Saturday, November 5, 2011

My review of If You Love Me, Come

If You Love Me, Come is the story that takes to an incredible journey of life, relationships, different people, and different discoveries, which brings a reader the step forward. Author Claudia Moss, with her beautifully descriptive words and unique poetic voice keeps passion strong and alive page-after-page. 

Even though the characters go through different struggles, the book mainly focuses on trust, positivism, persistence, forgiveness, and greatness of love; as Ms. Moss writes: “All things work out, so I don’t get hemmed up in fussin’ and fightin’ bout nothing, since it don’t matter in the long run no way. Fact is, Love call, you come. That’s it. Don’t need a fancy degree to understand it: Everybody come forth to love and be loved in return” (page 259).

This book is tender and powerful and at the same time sad and uplifting. I found it so joyful and beautiful.

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