Monday, June 29, 2015

Review of "Coming Out the Other Side"

This book is an incredible window into the mystery of life, struggles and the pains that come unexpectedly and change everything; just like when the remorseless monster called cancer announces itself.  As the author Alfred Samuels writes: “… 20 minutes prior, I was someone who was a functioning and real part of society, then minutes later, I’m told that I’m no longer going to be a part of that.”

I loved a part of the book where he writes about his life before cancer. He was a bodyguard for many celebrities, dedicated to maintaining professionalism and hard work. He lived the life full of excitement. He lived fast. Time left for himself and those he loved was scarce. I think many of us can relate to such fast-paced life.

This story is quite frankly the most meaningful non-fiction book I've read in very long time. This book is very well written and I admire the spiritual perspective in which it was presented. It can teach one a whole new approach to staying positive even then when that’s the hardest thing to do. 

I also found it quite easy to read, understand and follow. Most importantly, its ultimate message was not one of sadness and despair over things we cannot change, but one of deep illumination, determination and hope. I highly recommend this book.

                                                                                            About the Author

Throughout his extensive career Alfred Samuels, was a bodyguard to some of the world’s leading celebrities. Throughout he was an active, mentally alert, mega fit individual, given the needs of his particular industry. However, without announcement his world came to an unforeseeable crashing halt. On a fateful day in January 2012, his doctor informed him that he had been diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer, stage four. This book is a record of his journey from Ignorance to Coming out the other side with a mission, to change the world’s perception and awareness to the dangers of prostate cancer. It raises the inevitable question, How aware are you? It is predicted by the American Cancer Society that in 2015, 27,540 men will die from prostate cancer. Of the same disease in the UK in 2012, 10,837 men perished. Yet these statistics could be so drastically reduced. Alfred never thought prostate cancer, would dare to enter his world, yet it did without favour or kind. If you think it cannot enter your world, then think again because it can and in the blink of an eye take you out. 

In a world where men are seen as invincible, there exists, an attitude of invincibility; fearlessness, proudness, being in-control and invulnerability. Take a stereotypical example: A man without trousers, exposed and vulnerable to the dangers of the world around him, cannot truly be a man, can he? In their efforts to project that image, all they do is cause severe and profound damage, to themselves and all those around them. This is not a bad thing but it leads us to the belief that the same can be said of prostate cancer, that naivety is no answer to education and awareness. My diagnosis did not need to be so drastic, had I been more aware of the disease. With that said, I refuse now to leave this planet, before completing my mission to change the Taboo, as relates to prostate cancer. 

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