Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kalki Evian: The Ring of Khaoriphea by author Malay Upadhyay

Every choice we make leads to its own unique consequence. To change the consequence, therefore, one must travel back in time to change the choice. But what if such change, instead of altering our future, simply created another - one that came to exist simultaneously with our world? 
This is a story of how one such moment of love led to two parallel futures; a story of how your choices have an impact far beyond the world you know; a phenomenon that we had sensed, and wished for, all along.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Review of Atlantis Explained by Author Dennis Brooks

As a writer and avid reader of nonfiction books, as well as lifetime learner of history, different civilizations and cultures, I was so eager to read this book. I have to say that ‘Atlantis Explained’ exceeded my expectations by being quite different in many aspects of its incredible plot… it has great content, easy to comprehend format and most importantly substance. It is obvious that Dennis Brooks is a diligent researcher in addition to being an excellent storyteller, and that's what makes this book so interesting. This book demonstrates to the reader something so truthful and amazing, when a person is in a quest for the meaning, he or she may realize that everything revolves around history. As the author wrote: Many people are searching for Atlantis, its treasures, and its connection to the modern world.
I found this book very enjoyable, informative, and engaging. I can’t recommend it enough. 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review of Adaptation- Part 1 by Author Jeremy Tyrrell

This is a very well-crafted book that keeps a reader on his/her toes. I found the story to be thought provoking and filled with descriptive language painting a dramatic picture which simply drew me in and kept my attention all the way through. The characters are very realistic and engaging into an intriguing plot that is at the same time smooth and down- to- earth and adventurous and full of mystery. I got a good sense of each of their desires, struggles, and complex personalities. Also, I found the pace of the "reveal" to be very well timed that makes the read even more interesting and entertaining. My favorite line in Adaptation Part 1, which dictates the story, is “It had asked and answered many questions, often leading to further questions, always in an attempt to sate the hunger for knowledge.”

This is very captivating and riveting read with many unusual twists… a true page turner of some considerable quality. I highly recommend this book and very much look forward to reading a sequel. 

He Was (a Ray Lafayette Novel) by Author Thomas William Lowrie

Ever had one of those days, how about one of those weeks? If you haven't, you are missing out. I spent years priding myself in the fact that I was always with it, I always had my wits about me, until that day. My life changed and not just a little. I became someone else, someone who was far stronger than I am, someone who I could only hope to be. Ray Lafayette was a man who was neither rich nor famous yet I lived every day to see what he would do next. The fear I experienced in that time only made the happiness that much more exiting. I have heard the statement "Don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes." I walked many miles in his and can say with pride that he and all others from his time were the greatest, all colors, all nationalities, young and old, men and women alike. It may sound great to know the future but there is a dark side to it, an almost unbearable side. Your eyes will be opened to things your mind may not handle.This event has changed me. I no longer wish for things, I live for them.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Writer's Sidekick for Novels: The Perfect Notebook for Writers by Author Mr. Andres Fragoso Jr.


As a writer, do you struggle to get yourself organized when writing a story? Do you start with a character and by chapter four he became a she and with a different name altogether? Maybe at the beginning of your story, your heroine has blue eyes and has one name, at the end of the story she becomes a hero, with the same name, just different sex. Do you find some of your stories have the location as a town and in later chapters a city in a different country? Have you noticed that you employ more time and efforts looking for notes that you have written on napkins, in notebooks, or hiding under your bed? You have had enough of wasting time looking for information that you already took notes on. Now, unexpectedly you find The Writer’s Notebook that is formatted to address some of your specific needs. Now you can concentrate on writing and not seeking the specifics.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Author Franck Ismael D. and his new book "Éducation et santé alimentaire, le secret de la longévité"

La médecine moderne c’est éloigne de la conception d’hippocratique de la maladie. Hippocrate, le père de la médecine moderne sur lequel les médecins font leur serment. Hippocrate disait que soigner l’homme, c’est le soigner avec la nourriture. « Si quelqu’un désire la santé, il faut d’abord lui demander s’il est prêt à supprimer les causes de sa maladie. Alors seulement il est possible de l’avoir. » « Si tu es malade, recherche d’abord ce que tu as fait pour le devenir. » « Que ta nourriture soit ta médecine, et ta médecine, ta nourriture. » Ce livre est une invitation à l’éducation alimentaire et à la santé alimentaire (par le biais des aliments que nous mangeons). « Que ton aliment soit ta seule médecine. » Je ne les ai pas choisies par hasard, cette citation vient d’Hippocrate, le père de la médecine moderne sur lequel les médecins font leur serment.