Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interview with Author Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson

It is a beautiful and cold morning in Dallas, Texas and I'm holding a cup of coffee in my hand while my eyes are fixed on my Kindle. In my home, this very moment belongs to Author Lee-Ann Graff -Vinson’s book 'Callie’s Fate. '

In some point of our lives many of us invested time, emotions, and money in relationships that became disappointing and painful. The question is how many people after this experience found it hard to move on with their lives? Regardless of the answer, there is something we all can learn from Callie--never close your heart to new opportunities and never stop believing in true love.

It is my pleasure to welcome author Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson to my blog.
      Many writers I know either write early in the morning or late at night, what time works best for you to unleash your creativity?

Writing occurs at night after the kids have gone to bed (and preferably to sleep). It is then I relax and focus my thoughts properly with little or no interruption (at least for an hour or so until the puppy demands my attention).

          Every November thousands of writers take part in a month long challenge, write a novel in 30 days. What is your opinion about this “speedy” writing and how much time do you think is needed to write a quality book? 

NaNoWriMo was introduced to me around September. I’d never heard of it prior and wondered if it was truly possible to create a novel in 30 days (or less). Not being one to back down from a challenge, I accepted and actually managed to complete it in 29 days.

What is my opinion as to the quality of work produced? Well, with no time for research, an outline or character descriptions, it was just pure writing with zero chance for editing. I opened up my brain and thoughts spilled out. As I typed the last sentence of the first draft of my novel, I knew there were errors, places where I would need to do a lot of research, rewrite, or simply cut all together. However, the final outcome is one I’m happy with. Dare I say proud of? I haven’t looked at the manuscript since completion, so my pride may dispel quite quickly once I do.

The challenge to write a novel in that short span of time, truly gave me a sense of what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it. Now, I find writing one chapter such a simple task, even relaxing, as there is no push to get it done in one night (even though I know I could if I had to).

     Could you tell us more about “Callie’s Fate?” In what way does such an appealing book cover match the story?

My books generally touch on subjects that are realities of life. Sometimes I can be a bit harsh in my character situations. I have been told to tone them back because people won’t want to read the truth as I see it. Fair enough. ‘Callie’s Fate’ was born out of the current reality of internet romance. We know it happens, so why not write about it?

As for the book cover, well, I bow down to my fabulous editor/book cover designer extrodinaire. Judging by the amount of “likes” the cover has received, I do believe she’s worked her magic yet again.

        You are currently attending Winghill Writing School. In this field, what do you think is more important, talent or education? 

Talent is definitely a must. No amount of education will enable you to write an exciting tale if you have no talent for storytelling. However, education is the backbone to polished and knowledgeable work. When I began my path, I believed anyone could write. I was naïve. Anyone who is talented can write, but not necessarily publish. Education and talent go hand in hand in producing a work that publishers want and readers can’t get enough of.

       Most of us have some pieces of work somewhere on the back of our shelves that we hope one day we will get back to it. Do you have any of those too?

I have two. The first novel I wrote is about my Mother -- her life and her death. After writing “the end”, I have not opened the cover of the printed, copyrighted manuscript that sits in a box in my basement. The piece is close to my heart and one which I want to honour. When I have the “education” I’m seeking, I will go back and edit. I suspect it is a work that will take me a very long time to perfect.

        If you were to be creative in some other field, what would it be?

There is no other field. Writing is my passion.

      You favorite book/author?

I still seek my muse. However, there are a couple of GSP Authors who get my vote.

       Do you have current work in progress?

I have a few. The book completed for NaNo, ‘Love Under Fire’, is the sequel to Love and Liberty (to be out in 2012 through Gypsy Shadow). I am currently working on the third book in that series. As well, I have begun writing a paranormal military romance novel with my critique partner. I will also be editing a memoir for a friend for publication. Just enough to keep me out of trouble…

Here is a sneak peak at Callie’s Fate:

When Callie takes the red-eye home to surprise her husband for their anniversary, she finds the surprise is on her. She watches as a blonde tart in six-inch heels teeters out from her home and toward a cherry-red Mustang, which is parked in her spot.

Enraged, Callie does the only thing she can do. She drives to her favorite coffee house, scrolls through divorce lawyers who claim to eat cheating husbands for breakfast, and cries. Her only consolation is Christian, a Marine, whom she befriended on a chat site almost a year earlier.

While waiting for her marriage to end, Callie agrees to finally meet Christian in person. She has always been a woman in control, but the mere touch of this man has her begging for more. Christian is only too happy to oblige, leaving Callie agreeing with the motto ‘The Few and The Proud’. She has never experienced a man who could make her see stars, but Christian does his duty, and does it well.

Unhappy circumstances bring them together. A week of sexual bliss makes it impossible for them to part, leaving them to wonder how they can, once again, test the hands of fate.

All of Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson’s books are available through Gypsy Shadow Publishing,, Smashwords, OmniLit, Barnes & Noble and many other fine sellers of e-books. The following are some of the links where readers can connect with this incredible author.

Thank you Lee-Ann for sharing with us today and I wish you all the best of everything.