Saturday, November 5, 2011

My review of If It's Monday It Must Be Murder

What to do when your best friend’s daughter dies?  How much it helps when you are a former cop as Mel Thompson? Not much, unless murder happened. How many people anyway fell from the Tower building? But things will get complicated when Cindy, the dead girl’s mother, hired Mel as her private investigator. For Mel it hurts double because she knows well both the victim and her family and at the same time it is hard for her to avoid those too-personal-to-judge-clearly situations. In this case, Mel became questionable about everything and almost everyone. On the other hand, she tries to “cover up” all undesirable findings about the victim at the front of Cindy because she wants to protect her friend from any further suffering. But what will happen with those people she still trusts and are they really bringing the truth to the table when around her? Who tried to murder Mel? Who was killing women from a strip club? Surprises are popping up on every page of this book. Answers and questions first seem to blend perfectly but soon it is clear that mystery will prevail. This book is well worth the time and it is one that readers won’t forget.

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