Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book review for A Collection of Thoughts & Too Much Time

This book contains an amazing breadth and depth of contemporary poetry that encompasses many different human experiences. I found that I had to read many passages over and over again to grasp their full meaning which is always a sign of a great poem.

Overall, it is a wide-ranging selection. It succeeds in its aim of being life affirming and relevant. This is poetry reminds the reader of eternal truths using modern language and deals with life in a contemporary setting. Organized by creative thoughts with titles as "Mirror", "Wealth and Poverty", "Life, Death & Existence" and “Unknown Love” it is very user friendly and can either be dipped into or read through from cover to cover. This book is definitely a brick packed dense with all that is valuable; thoughts on beauty, humanity, children, love, self-discovery, and unity. “A Collection Of Thoughts & Too Much Time” offers something for everyone!

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