Sunday, July 31, 2011

My review of "Blood Curse" by Tamara Lowery

Viktor Brandewyne is not some ordinary pirate who will just go after a treasure and beautiful women; he is also hard but not evil and known for his strength rather than the use of force. But this is about to change whenViktor Brandewyne is transformed into a vampire, at the same time forcing him to become a fighter who wants to defeat all odds and break free. In the course of his experience being a pirate and a vampire, everything he says and does, led me to follow him through my thoughts and emotions on this incredible journey of new discoveries and unique struggles. And he has a quite few.
He is racing against his heart when being around a beautiful siren named Belladonna. He also battles with his vampire’s hunger for blood, when close to his friends and crew. The reason?Viktor didn’t die and became the vampire, but was cursed to die slowly while leaving many bloodless bodies behind. He is very much aware that his human thoughts and feelings are imprisoned and tortured by this forcibly instilled vampire’s desire. Therefore, Viktor decides to compete against time and find the Sisters of Power who will help him regain his old life back.
Author Tamara Lowery beautifully describes Viktoe as a man who suddenly loses control over his own life. In Blood Curse, which Lowery creatively prepared for her readers,Brandewyne is living while erasing other people from the picture of life;at the same time, he disappears from the living world while trying to preserves his own life. Victor’s hunger for blood grows while his time runs short.
“A pirate’s life has no guarantees save for a chance of an early death” (page 87). One thing is certain: he never gives up. Victor experiences jealousy, lust, disappointment, fear, and pain and all those who are on his ship Incubus are exposed to similar sensations. What is uncertain for them all is who will reach shore alive.

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