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Review of The Zombie Truth by Vincent St. Vincent

After reading The Zombie Truth synopsis I expected a story that will keep me fiercely engaged, but I wasn't expecting it to be as intense as it was. The author created a great flow, pouring out this fast paced story at a believable race of wit against a reader knows who... one could clearly picture himself/herself right there... Hanging the Honest truth... He captured the essence of violence; the book demonstrates it through the link between common dangers we are facing in today’s world and extraordinary threats that could become obvious in a near future. As the author wrote: “They’re out there! And now they’re after us.”  
I especially loved blended emotions presented in this work that pull the reader’s heartstrings as well as strike his/her nerves. Interactions between characters are presented in creative yet down to earth way. Overall, this book is very unpredictable and captivating. I highly recommend this great read and 
can't wait for the rest of this series. 


Clip clop. Do you hear it now? Clip clop, clip clop. Nearer and nearer, as steady and inexorable as the tick of clock.
Before he hears it, Robert’s life is on track. Despite being an average sort of guy, he seems to have it all: a little apartment near Tampa Bay; a secure, longterm relationship with a charming, talented film major; the shining promise of a career in neuropsychiatry, a field he’s passionate about, once he finishes his doctoral thesis. Everything is going according to plan, and that’s exactly the way that pragmatic, stolid Robert likes things to go.
But when the world starts going mad one grisly news headline at a time, Robert’s life begins to fall apart in a relentless series of events ranging from maddening to deadly. His girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is edging in, putting his formerly rock-solid relationship on suddenly shaky ground. Violent riots are taking over the city. People he knows are beginning to drop like flies, falling victim to or joining the mass insanity. Others are attempting to flee Tampa by the thousands, but as the terror sweeps the nation, no place and no one is safe from the monsters. They are everywhere: on the bus, in the streets…in the mirror.
Meanwhile, Robert must bear the heavy burden of being the only one who really suspects the truth. In an eerie coincidence, his thesis research foretold and parallels the sudden plague of malevolence corrupting society, making him perhaps the world’s premier expert on the topic. Now, instead of merely researching the trend, he finds himself inside of it, fighting for his life and that of the woman he loves in a city that’s rapidly transforming into a hellish landscape out of his worst nightmare.
And Robert knows nightmares. Long ago, something dark and evil shadowed his childhood and ripped his idyllic, small-town family apart, changing the course of his life forever. The twisted secret was locked away long ago, so why is it suddenly haunting him again now, when derangement is spreading through humanity like an unstoppable pestilence?
Poor Robert. It turns out that skeletons can escape their closets. They can hate you. They can hunt you. They can eat you alive.
As his past and present crash together with shocking fury, the explosion imperils everything Robert holds dear. But clues lie in the resulting wreckage…potential keys to unlock the deeper truths that hide buried in every human being’s soul, truths regarding mankind’s chaotic spiral into rabid viciousness. Is he brave enough to unlock them?
Are you? Clip clop. You’re running out of time to decide. They’re coming.

“We’re not admitting the true intention behind this project,” explains its creator. “I could be tongue-in-cheek; a way to add new spice to the world’s obsession with zombies and the apocalypse, or it could all be true and a genuine warning to humanity. We’ll leave readers to figure it out for themselves.”
Continuing, “The book’s adventure continues on the website, which again is steeped in enigma. There’s video, excerpts and a biography of the author that really do make it seem all too real. The question is, are you prepared to do what it takes to survive?”
Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Evangeline Tucker comments, “Vincent St. Vincent’s The Zombie Truth stacks up well against the very best novels of any genre over the past decade. It is set in Tampa, Florida. If our civilization reached a crest, where it might have just begun the work of troweling down a bit of plaster of society and good will over the raw swamp that is the original wild weed of human nature, it is indeed Tampa, Florida. There is no better setting for a zombie story than Tampa, because as civilization begins to ebb, it will likely retreat first in Tampa.” 
Karolyn Rice adds, “This book is seriously depressing because it feels like something that could really happen, almost. It seems like every day I read the news, there’s some new, horrific story about evil people in this world. I mean, there’s no doubt evil is growing day by day, so if that trend continues, what’s to keep something like this from happening?”

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About the Author: 

Vincent St. Vincent published his first professional work at age eighteen while studying abroad at Cambridge University. The London Times purchased an opinion piece about the use of subliminal sexual imagery in cigarette ads which the young Vincent originally penned for his school paper. Soon afterwards Vincent realized he had found his calling in a profitable passion. He graduated at age twenty-one, already considered among the world’s foremost experts on subversive memetics inculcation indoctrination. With a minor in ancient middle eastern dialects and athletic accolades in both swimming and diving, Vincent St. Vincent could have pursued many an interesting path.
He returned to his home city of Santa Barbara where he lives with his pack of Danish wolfhounds. Vincent spends his days writing or creating subversive memes engineered to reveal the truths hidden from society. He spends his nights dining with socialites and attending lavish soirees. Although little is known for certain, Vincent has vanished from his ranch-style home for weeks at a time during large memetic operations involving the North American and European governing and corporate entities.
Of course there is no evidence that Vincent St. Vincent has ever used his expertise in subversive memetics to aid any of the world’s super powers, and his frequent travel is easily explained by the author’s many exotic hobbies. When he needs to get away from it all Vincent St. Vincent discovers new species in deep sea caves or reconstructs mechanical devices described in ancient Sanskrit texts. He is credited as being among the first ten independent practitioners to reverse engineer a working Baghdad Battery and recently began collaborating with cave divers mapping the massive network of flooded caverns beneath the Yucatan peninsula.

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