Monday, September 22, 2014

Three Rules by Marie Drake-Book Review

As a writer, an avid reader, and survivor of domestic abuse I was very eager to read this book. Certainly, Three Rules captured my attention from the very beginning. I found the story to be very touching and at the same time thought provoking and filled with intrigue.

It is so easy to become emotionally involved with the main character who had to cope with a myriad of abusive situations which impacted her over the course of her life. That’s how three rules were born for Hope Wellman…
1.) The most dangerous people in the world are not always strangers. 2.) The scariest things imaginable are not those that can kill you, but those you can live through. And probably the most prominent: 3.) The most horrible possibility is not what could happen to you, but what you could become – I became a killer.”

When a child is sexually molested, there may be no outward signs, so in many instances, there is no healing. Children often keep secrets about such experiences and suffer alone. After all, pain stays alive while trust is forever gone. In the end, Hope, as the author named the main character in this book, is one of the greatest things humans can have. It drives us to still exist, to survive.

Three Rules is a well written book; one that stays in the reader’s mind long after last page has been turned.

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