Saturday, March 22, 2014

Amazing Children's book 'A Pug Named Doug'

Today I am delighted to bring you an interview with author Yvonne Sidell

Puppy is as Puppy does! 
And a full day is just not enough time for A Pug Named Doug!
Seeing is believing in this colorfully illustrated book as young readers follow Doug along to witness first hand all the funny things a puppy can get into – both indoors and outdoors, mischievous Doug delightfully takes on the world (right down to naptime cuddles).

Ohhhhh silly Doug!  

What inspired you to write the A Pug Named Doug? 

My own puppy Maxx met Doug at a dog park and they became the best of friends.  The two of them experience every flower, bug and other park “amenity” that I just had to put their fun into words!

If you were to write in a different genre, what it would be?

Great question…I’m a total children’s book writer and at one time thought about intriguing novels, but it would probably end up being one for kids!
What has been your most rewarding and memorable experience as an author?

I must say it is reading to children in library groups or schools.  They are the greatest audience and it humbles me to watch their expressions (or hear laughter) when reading them my stories.

Every November thousands of writers take part in a month long challenge, write a novel in 30 days. In your opinion, how much time is needed to write a quality book?

Another great question.  For me, inspiration hits an
d I immediately jot down my thoughts before they evaporate.  For those authors who write novels, I am impressed with the time they take to write a quality book…again, maybe inspiration absorbs them and its written within that short timeframe.  I must defer to those wonderful novel authors to respond. 

Did you have favorite books/authors as a child?

Any Dr. Seuss book was my favorite.  I also enjoyed Clifford!

Are you exactly where you want to be in your writing endeavors?

Not yet…until the day I can no longer come up with a fun children’s story, that will be my time to know I am where I want to be. 

Where can this book be purchased?   In the coming months, the book will be available on Amazon Kindle (and print).

Where can we find your latest achievements?

This is my first published book (I have another book titled The Fairy Twins which was self-published – it’s also available at Publishing). If A Pug Named Doug grows, I will create a Facebook page.

Do you have current work in progress? 

Yes, but my publisher requires me to keep the title confidential until copyright certifications are completed.

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